Sensitive Skin Care


Sensitive skin care is comprises of some basic rules. Then again, even before we dig into the guidelines for sensitive skin care, its vital to understand what a sensitive skin is. Sensitive skin is one which is not able to bear with any unfavorable conditions (environment or other), and which easily gets irritated on contact with any foreign materials (including skin care items). Therefore, a few items are particularly named as sensitive skin care items. The level of sensitivity can however vary from one individual to other and accordingly, the sensitive skin care differs as well.

Generally, all skin types react adversely to hard soaps and other chemicals. However, the actual damage begins once a tolerance level is passed. This tolerance level is low for sensitive skin, prompting skin getting harmed easily and rapidly. Sensitive skin care items either exclude the potential irritating ingredients or keep them at very low level.

Here are a someĀ of tips for sensitive skin care:

  • Don’t use toners. A lot of them are alcohol based and are not suggested for sensitive skin.
  • Even inside the range of sensitive skin care items, pick the particular one that has least preservatives, colors and other chemical additives.
  • Use sensitive skin care products only (i.e. the items that are marked for sensitive skin). Additionally, check the directions/ notes on the item to check whether there are particular limitations/warnings associated with the item.
  • Wear protective gloves while doing laundry or other chemical based cleaning. In case you are allergenic to rubber, you can wear cotton gloves under the rubber ones.
  • Another tip for ‘sensitive skin care’ is to avoid unnecessary exposure to sun. Apply sunscreen cream before getting out in the sun. Use sunglass and rimmed hat for some extra protection.
  • Avoiding exposure to dust and other pollutants is additionally critical for sensitive skin care. Thus, cover yourself enough before going out to such environment.
  • Use hypoallergenic cream for skin care (if you do not find anything particularly marked as sensitive skin care product)
  • Use soap free and alcohol free cleanser. Clean your face whenever you come back from outdoors.
  • Don’t scrub or exfoliate too hard. It can result in reddishness and even inflammation.
  • Don’t leave the makeup on for a long time. Use hypoallergenic makeup removers.


Thus, sensitive skin care is altogether different from the ordinary skin care. Sensitive skin care is more about being careful with your skin be it choosing skin care products or your environments.